Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day - May 1st

Very sad news - Rod's Mother passed away last week in her sleep very peaceful.  We had a little Memorial Service for her today.  Rod is doing pretty well, but it is hard.  We were so blessed to have her in a Foster Care Home with amazing caregivers especially, Lisa.  She has been doing this for a lot of years and loves doing Hospice work the best.  Rod's Mom was in Hospice for less than a week  It is the best service anyone can get for their loved ones.

In the meantime...

Beautiful weather, a new realtor who just finished our first Open House, cleaning out and being ruthless Pt. 2 with the Storage Unit.

With the weather improving everyday, we are getting more and more in to purging more and more.  Hot weather clothes are next.  I really don't need 10 red t-shirts or 12 black t-shirts, or 8 pink t-shirts...get the picture?

Hey did anyone stay up and watch the wedding?  I know, but I couldn't miss it.  I watched Diana's wedding to Charles 29+ years ago, which seems so long ago doesn't it?  Rod and I have been married 26 years and it has flown by so fast.  Love that man!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long Time...

I can't believe, what two months are gone!  Here it is April and still no bites on the home front.

Our current contract with ReMax is over in three weeks and we have found a new, and I feel a much better realtor.  I know it has been slow out there, but I like to hear from the realtor every so often to let us know what's going on.  I really like the new gal and can't wait for her to take over the selling of our house.

DH and friend sold the dredge and finally found a High-Banker for a kick-butt deal.  We are chomping at the bit to get out and look for gold on the claim.  May have to wait a couple more weeks.  Still rainy every few days, but boy in between we are getting teased with amazing weather.

This month is really busy.  We have a craft fair, I am teaching 4 classes and taking 2.  Going to Medford with the girls and Jacksonville for lunch.  Can't wait.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last week of January...

Still no bites, but in a way it was OK since I was sick all week and did a lot of sleeping.  Now DH is sick so hopefully he will bounce back faster than me.

Our contract with the realtor is up in three months and if there is no movement or contact with to another, more aggressive realtor.  His company has not shown the house at all.  It has been other companies.  What does that tell me?

Anyway February, please be a lot better...we are so ready to be off and exploring.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 4 and counting...

That's right still counting on selling the house.  Patience is a virtue.  This week our extra incentive to a selling agent is off the board. 

Lots of classes for me being booked so that's good and Rod is reving up the workshop again and constructing stuff for me to put on Etsy.

Etsy is a marketplace for everything handmade and his stuff is really quality so we are going to try our hand at selling.  As soon as we get the packaging to mail out the items we will be posting and I will have a link here to the Etsy store.  What Etsy stands for is any one's guess.

It supposed to be better weather this week so we can get into the storage unit and get the things for auction ready.  Instead of putting together another garage sale we are taking the rest of my scrapbook stuff to the auction.  It will be fun and they do all the work.

Until next week...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 3

No bites or even a hint of someone wanting to look at the house, but it has been cold and rainy and pretty much people do not come out in the rain.  It actually is a great time to look at houses because you can see if there is any leaks or problems.

After hearing on the news this week that the housing market won't recover for 3 1/2 years AND we watched a program about how the world is supposed to end Dec. 21 2012 AND I turn 60 in Nov. 2012 what other "good" news can we get?  Rod asked if I wanted to collect Social Security at 62, 65 or 66?  Why worry?  Isn't the end of world coming?  In case it doesn't, I vote for 62.  Why give the government my money to play with or lose?

On that note we went to Seven Feathers Casino Resort for the Nattys.  Oregon lost, BUT it was an incredible game.  I lost my voice from yelling and cheering so much.  After we gambled a little and some friends of ours gave us a free room for the night so we didn't have to drive in the freezing fog.  So fun.

Our favorite Friday night  pastime started up again - AUCTION NIGHT- so we went and tried to bid on a couple of things, but were outbid. That's OK.  Monday night Auction starts up again this week so now we have two nights to look forward to.

I taught a class yesterday which should have gone to 1:00 pm, but finally finished at 2:30pm.  Went home so exhausted I took a nap and forgot to post Saturday, so sorry for the late post.

It is supposed to be warmer and less rain so another week, hope we get some bites. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 2 and the Natty's

No lookers for the house this week.  I told Rod I had to dig up the St. Joseph statue and rebury him and he said to "slap him around a little" and the image of that had me laughing for a long time.  No, I am not going to slap him around.  I am actually using the one we used to sell our home in CA 11 years ago so maybe I need to get a new one.

If you are wondering what I am talking about go to this URL:

If you also don't know what the "Natty's" are then I guess you don't live in Oregon or Alabama.  The Natty's are the National BCS which are on Monday night in case you don't have tickets (like us) to see the game in Glendale, AZ.  So as we say here..."Go Ducks!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011

The first of the New Year, the first blog entry, and hopefully the first day towards us getting the house sold and getting on the road. 

The house has been on the market since Oct. 26.  Not a great time of year to put the house up for sale, but now that the holidays are over we HOPE that the showings will improve and the house will sell.

We received a great book for Christmas on full-time RVing.  It has a lot of tips and tricks about full-timing and answers a lot of questions we have, like how do we get our mail, paying bills, etc.

A friend of mine gave me a full-time RV book many years ago and we have friends who did it for about 4 years, so they are a wealth of information.  We will have a lot of notebooks full before we are ready to go.

Anyway this blog will be a visual and recorded diary about the treks we hopefully will be taking very soon and how we get there.  I will update for now once a week (Saturdays) and when we actually get on the road, more often.

So become a follower and join in the Adventures of US.